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A Review of the Prometheus Astrology Program: Part One

by Gavin Burns

Having explored all of the top astrology programs created in the United States, it was refreshing for me to discover a new masterful astrology program called Prometheus from the U.K. Prometheus currently runs on Windows PCs, but a Mac-native version of Prometheus is in the works, and should be completed shortly.

The author of Prometheus has a "subscription model" update policy. You get free, automatic updates for a year after purchase, and then can renew the subscription at any time, with no penalties for it lapsing.

The atlas built into Prometheus works in a different way than those in most astrological software programs. Essentially, as long as you enter the correct longitude and latitude for a place, the time zone retrieved by the program will be correct. Because the program uses the Geonames geographical database, it can look up the coordinates for millions of locations for you..

Prometheus is a very comprehensive program with both a wide range of capabilities and a very user-friendly design. Because of its extensive feature set, I will be reviewing the software in both this issue and the next one.

Even the first chart you see, which shows both astrological glyphs and images of each planet, is unique, and lets you know that this is a special program. In fact, Prometheus offers over 100 styles of chart, including a variety of beautiful Planetarium wheels, 3D aspects, Euro and French-style charts, Chinese Lunar Mansion and Vedic wheels, dials, Gauquelin Sectors, Huber Style wheels, and those with Lotus and Crystal borders. There are also specialized wheels using the 13 sign Zodiac, Medieval, Medical, Astroadionic, Decan Ruler, and Sign Ruler wheels, and a chart that depicts the Moon with its actual phase.

But, in fact, Prometheus also provides you with amazingly easy-to-use Wheel, Dial, and Page Designers. The Wheel Designer allows you to edit any of the existing wheels, as well as create your own chart wheels. Chart objects (like planets, degrees, signs, Rx symbols, etc.) can be positioned easily in each wheel by dragging them to exactly where you want them. This is a very well designed module.

The Page Designer is also incredible impressive. You can edit any of the more than 125 built-in page designs, or again create your own. The page designs include Astrodynes, Celestial Spheres, Arabic Parts, Fortunes of the 12 houses, Asteroid wheel, lists and aspects, 3D aspects, Declination, a Planetary Data sheet, sign and house balances, Chart Art, In Mundo, Dial and Strip sorts, Firdaria, Gauquelin Sectors, Midpoint Trees, Heliocentric, Lunar Mansions (Arabic, Chinese, and Vedic Nakshatras), Medical, Almutens, Sect, Dignities, a variety of Medieval pages, Planetary Time, Fixed Star wheel and table, Vedic, and 13 sign Zodiac.

Prometheus has extensive and user-friendly customizing functions including ones (called Configuration Editors) that allow you to create and select sets of points, aspects, Arabic Parts, Rulerships, Fixed Stars, Asteroids, Almuten, and create and modify display schemes, and the Planetarium. You can also choose your default location, and select the wheel to use for each type of wheel (Prometheus is the first astrology program to offer an OctaWheel, i.e. a wheel with 8 concentric charts).

The program also makes it easy to change your astrological settings. In the Astrology Settings module, you can customize settings for each of the many different approaches to astrology (e.g. Vedic, Horary, Traditional, etc.), select what Arabic Parts, Fixed Stars, and Asteroids to use, choose different sets of interpretations, specify the rulerships to be used for each type of astrology, create two sets of points to use in your work, choose the default aspect set, and specify the types of wheels to use for different purposes.

In Part Two of my review of Prometheus, we will explore in myriad calculations offered by the program, and its particularly unique features. Stay tuned.

(You can read Part Two of this review here)

P.s. You can purchase Prometheus at the lowest price here.

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