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Please remember that Prometheus is a Windows program and only runs on Macs if they have Windows installed.


The Unique Features of Prometheus

Besides offering all of the standard functions available in professional astrology programs, Prometheus has many capabilities that no other astrology program does, including:

  • The best predictive graph of any program, complete with stations embedded in the event line, and a choice of a huge number of moving and natal points including:

    house cusps
    Arabic Parts (aka Greek lots)
    Fixed Stars
    Planetary nodes (and Lunar apsides)
    Apogee and Perigee
    and more.

  • (You can also generate predictive hit listings as well as the graph.)

    The predictive graph has another incredibly useful and unique feature: it can show you all of the events currently happening above a dotted line. And if you click on any place on the graph, it then shows you (above the line) all of the events happening on that date! This is a great resource.

  • All of the above-mentioned points can also be used in:

    generating Rising/Culminating/Setting/Anticulminating Charts

    the Graphic Ephemeride (linear or circular) and Ephemeris tables

    the Astrological Calendar

    in Astromaps

    and in the two powerful search modules: Database (chart file) search and Electional (time) Search


  • Prometheus has the best Planetarium of any program including a unique Star Globe.

  • Heliacal Events search, listing, and report

  • many Zodiac analog charting methods

  • Octawheels (up to 8 different charts shown concentrically)

  • Advanced Primary Directions methods

  • Ingress and Return charts for planets, Uranians, Hypothetical points, and a huge number of asteroids

  • Phase charts for 8 Lunar Phases

  • Void-of-Course Moon search

  • as well as very powerful Eclipse searches, and much more.

    You can see screenshots of many of Prometheus functions here.

    Even astrologers who already own a professional program will enjoy using many of the unique features of Prometheus.

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