Prometheus 1.2 -- A First Look

Discovering a new professional-level astrology program is a rare event for me, and a delightful one. I love seeing how software authors create new ways of depicting charts, graphs, and tables, and finding the features in the software that are unique.

When I first received Prometheus, I was immediately struck by the author's "eye", i.e. his gift for design, placement, ease-of-use, and facility in customizing software features.

Prometheus had enough innovative features and style for me to prepare a two-part review for my Mountain Astrologer column, both parts will appear here in the future.

I have also been impressed by the author's responsiveness to my suggestions and feedback. He is a brilliant programmer and has great ideas for the program's future.

I encourage you to look at the screen shots of the program's functions, which I will be adding to frequently, to get a flavor of the program's vision.

Among the top features I'd like to mention right off are its incredibly wide selection of pre-designed wheels and pages, the exceptional Transit Graph, and its great Wheel and Page Designers.

Stay tuned for more reviews!

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