Prometheus Astrology Software
Screen Shots

Prometheus has many unique menus, chart wheels, graphs, and tables. Here are the screen shots of a few of them:

Prometheus Astrology Settings menu

This menu shows that one can save many different chart profiles for a large number of the program's features, including defining sets of Points and Aspects, Fixed Stars, Rulerships, and much more.

A unique Prometheus chart wheel

This chart wheel actually shows both the symbol for each planet and an astronomical image of each, too.

The Prometheus Planetarium chart wheel

The Planetarium chart wheel is very pretty, with a backdrop of the constellations.

Prometheus Page Designer

This image of the Page Designer screen just touches upon the amazing capabilities of Prometheus' module for creating pages. The actual designer is both powerful and easy to use.

Prometheus Transit Graph

This predictive graph is unique in many ways. It places planetary stations in the time line, shows the currently active transits above a dotted line, is color coded, and offers many calculation options.

Prometheus Planetarium

The AstrologyExplorer 3D Module in Prometheus offers both a Planetarium (above) and a Star Globe (below) that are both lovely and offer many options.

Prometheus Star Globe

Prometheus Ephemeris Generator

This set of panels shows the many, many options offered for the Prometheus Ephemeris Generator, much more than any other astrology program by far, including hypothetical points, asteroids, Fixed Stars, Lunations, Eclipses, Apogee and Perigee, Arabic Parts (aka Greek Lots), House Cusps, and more.

Heliacal Events Report

Void of Course Moon Report

You can specify whether to use Modern, Traditional, or Lilly methods in generating this report.

Prometheus's Primary Direction Search options

Prometheus Astrological Calendar

Amazingly, this calendar can show events not only to planets, but to asteroids, Fixed Stars, Nodes, Parts/Lots, and many other points.

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